How Much Does Electricity Usage Cost?

By Billie Nguyen on 30-10-2014

The first step is to figure out how much your local electric utility is charging you for electricity.  In NL, the current local rate is around $0.12/KWh.  You can find the rate in your area by visiting the utility website, or simply looking at your most recent electricity bill.

But what is KWh?  Its a measure of power consumption and is basically two units of measure; power (kilowatts or 1000 * watts) and hours.  In other words, KiloWatt-hours (KWh) indicates the power you have used for a specified period of time.

In case you wanted to know, Power = voltage * current (measured in Watts or W).

Typical Household Power Hogs

The Dryer

A typical dryer uses around 5500W of power, or 5.5KW.  If you use the dryer for 1 hour to dry a load of clothes, then you are using 5.5KW * 1hr = 5.5KWh.  Say that your utility charges $0.12/KWh, then multiply your power consumption by the price the utility charges.  In this case, it would be 5.5KWh * $0.12/KWh =  $0.66.  For NLers, every time you dry a load of clothes in an electric dryer, it will cost you around $0.66.  Say that you do 15 loads in a month, this works out to be around $10/month added to your electricity bill.  Fruga

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Copying the Texas Margin Tax is a Bad Idea

By Christopher Odonnell on 30-10-2014

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Next week, Nevada voters will cast their ballots and decide whether or not Nevada will institute a margin tax. The tax is a modified gross receipts tax (a type of tax only five other states have) and is modeled after the Texas margin tax. Last March, I explained two big reasons why the Texas margin tax is the poster child for poor tax policy: it’s overly complicated and it’s not neutral.

Both explanations are worth repeating here:

Overly complicated tax calculations create compliance and administrative costs that are a loss to society. The calculation of a business’s margin tax liability is far from simple. Businesses subject to the tax must choose one of three bases. The definitions used in determining these tax bases are statutorily defined and different from definitions set by the federal government. Since calculations are so complicated, compliance and administrative costs are high. In a 2010 interim report of the House Committee on Ways and Means, one taxpayer…reported an increase from $400 to $2,500 in compliance costs after the margin tax was implemented. Economic res

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Check Out My New Blog –

By Christopher Odonnell on 29-10-2014

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You may have noticed that I havent been spending a lot of time here on  Well theres a good reason for that, and as you can tell by the title Ive started a brand new blog called Wallet Impact.

I started this blog for a lot of different reasons, so here are a few of the reasons I started this new blog.

The Thrill Of Starting A New Blog.  I dont know about you but starting a new blog has somewhat of a thrill to it with me.  I guess thats just the geek in me speaking but it really does bring me that entrepreneurial high.


What Would It Be Like To Start Over.   For a long time Ive always wondered what it would if be like if I started over.  As a beginning blogger back in 2008 I had no idea what I was doing.  I couldnt even load a plug-in, if you know what I mean.

Now that Ive been doing this for nearly 6 years now Ive gotten a pretty good grasp as to what I wish I would have done and things I never should have done.

In fact the ideas are literally pouring out of mind.  I have a lot of things in store for Wallet Impact and it will all be revealed soon enough.


Not Well Defined.  One of my biggest issues with Stumble Forward is that this site tends to be all over the place.  One day I

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5 hacks to boost your retirement savings

By Devin Reese on 27-10-2014

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Many people have trouble saving anything for retirement. But I hear from a fair number of people who are looking beyond 401(k)s and IRAs for more tax-advantaged ways to save.

Many have maxed out their 401(k)s at work, or had their contributions limited because theyre considered highly compensated employees. Some dont have a workplace plan at all, while others want to save more than IRAs allow. Even catch-up provisionswhich allow people 50 and over to contribute an extra $5,500 to 401(k)s and an extra $1,000 to IRAsarent enough for some of these super savers.

So here are options for those who have maxed out and caught up:

Opt for an HSA. Health savings accounts, which are coupled with high-deductible health insurance plans, offer a rare triple tax advantage: contributions are tax deductible, gains grow tax-deferred (and can be rolled over from year to year), and withdrawals are tax free if used for medical expenses. Withdrawals are also tax free in retirement, which makes HSAs a potentially better vehicle for saving than the much-loved Roth IRA.

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New Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Resource Helping Adolescents in Chamblee, GA

By Billie Nguyen on 23-10-2014

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The troubled teen helpline for Chamblee, GA is assisting teenagers who are searching for a genuine substance abuse rehabilitation center with specialized recovery therapists.

LIGHTNING RELEASES 10/22/14 Finding the right help for a serious drug or alcohol abuse problem for an adolescent in Chamblee, GA may seem like a difficult process. However, the new troubled teen helpline is changing all of that. By contacting the helpline at 309-0473, an adolescent can put themselves in position to locate the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center which can assist with sobriety. If parents or other trusted adults can’t get through to an teenager, it might be time to get assistance from a genuine substance abuse rehabilitation center with specialized recovery therapists who have ample experience showing young adults how to live life free from drugs and alcohol.

The helpline is available to help teenagers as they work towards ending substance abuse. Often times the most difficult of the recovery process is asking for help in the first place so all adolescents or their parents in Chamblee, GA are urged to pick up their phones and call 309-0473 as soon as they get a chance. A

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