Former Seychelles consul-general’s home sells for $3.4m

By Billie Nguyen on 15-10-2014

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A sprawling Lysterfield mansion that was once home to the consul-general of Seychelles will soon become a meditation retreat.

An unnamed group with 40 000 followers fought off 5 other parties in the post-auction negotiations of 511 Belgrave Hallam Road. The property was passed in on a vendor bid of $2.7 million and sold for $3.4 million through agent Anthony Johnson, of Barry Plant. It had a reserve of $2.9 million. The house has 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and 7 living areas. Although it is now grown over, there was an 18-hole golf course on the property. The overall territory of the property is 24 hectares.

Student Loan Reality Check

By Devin Reese on 10-10-2014

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With college students back in classes for the fall semester, their parents can only hope that they are making the best use of their time and money. There is a lot at stake the amount of student loans outstanding is approaching $1.3 trillion, having mushroomed by over 50 percent in less than three years.

We all know the standard line about education being an investment in the future. It certainly can be; but with the amount of student debt increasing so rapidly, there is good reason to suspect some of this is being done out of desperation rather than as a logical path to an opportunity.

For one thing, the job market has been so hard on young people that many are returning to school out of frustration with not being able to find a job. However, unless you are acquiring in-demand skills in the process, doing this simply delays the inevitable struggle to find work and racks up debt in the process.

Also, the marketing of education has clicked into high gear in recent years. Overall, this is good opening students up to new and potentially more efficient ways of getting degrees and training. But unfortunately, some of it is designed to sell programs that may sound relevant but which have little value in the job market.

So before you or someone you love takes out a student loan, you need a reality check.

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Borrowing money can be quick, easy and hassle-free with payday loans

By Admin on 10-10-2014

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If you can not meet your emergency needs due to lack of funds then take a closer look at payday loans available online.

Yet many people believe that payday loans are more expensive than regular loans. This is a reasonable conclusion considering the interest rate these lenders charge. But to make an informed decision you need to understand that the rate of interest is counted on an annual basis. But with the unique features of payday loans, it is obvious that you can only borrow the money for a limited period of time, no longer than 31 days. Most of these loans are created for immediate need and not for long-term projects. So if you are really in a hurry then these loans are useful. Otherwise, you should better look for other alternatives.

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North Dakota Democrat Tax Commissioner Candidate Proposes Flat Tax—Big Tax Climate Improvement

By Christopher Odonnell on 06-10-2014

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North Dakota is in an interesting place because of oil tax revenue; the budget surplus is $614 million and growing. But while other natural resource states often go without one of the major taxes, North Dakota has all of them, and they aren’t particularly well-structured. South Dakota, by contrast, doesn’t even have a corporate or individual income tax, and its sales tax rate is lower than North Dakota’s.

That’s why the tax commissioner race in North Dakota is one to watch. In the past few weeks, Jason Astrup, the Democratic-NPL candidate for tax commissioner, has announced a platform of a substantial income tax overhaul. His plan would flatten and simplify the individual income tax to a single bracket, while lowering the top rate from 3.22 percent to 2.52 percent. The exemption would be raised to $40,000 for singles and $80,000 for married filers.

Here’s how the plan would score in our State Business Tax Climate Index if it had been enacted last year:

Currently, South Dakota ranks 2nd best on our State Business Tax Climate Index, and North Dakota ranks 28th, but under the Astrup proposal, North Dakota would move up to 11th overall. This plan

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The Student’s Bible to Getting Out of College With Money in Your Pocket

By Devin Reese on 05-10-2014

I wont let anyone that reads Studenomics to end up in such a horrible situation.

Thats a pretty scary statement that I found over at Forbes. This gave me no choice but to put together an article on my personal story of how I graduated college without any debt.

With the school year rolling, I wanted to tie everything in about surviving college financially. I actually get sick when I read stats about how screwed college graduates are financially. I hate hearing about student debt. I hate it even more when students assume they have to get into debt to finish school.

Guess what? I graduated debt-free and I didnt miss out on any fun. I wasnt a nerd that stayed in either. I was the life of every party that I attended. I had a blast in college and survived financially. Im telling you this because I want to challenge the whole notion of student debt.

This is my story. Im not lecturing. This is what worked for you. It could work for you.

What did I do to graduate debt-free without missing out on the fun?

I attended a community college first.

I knew that I wasnt ready for college or to move away for school.

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